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Time to...get beach ready!

The beaches are about to open up here in New York in a couple of weeks. Are you ready? I'm reviewing a few summery items. Take a look at the options. I remember taking the above picture. Can you spot that rainbow? Ah, the lazy days of summer.


This first item I want to show you is actually something I just got. It doesn't really have much to do with the beach exactly. But it's so cute! And it can be a summer wear.

Amos Pewter has been around since 1974 and is based in Canada. Their items are inspired by nature. They have such cute stuff!

This particular earring set is called Apple Blossom Stud Earrings.

Beach Chair

I just have to have a chair when I go to the beach. This way I can sit up and watch the waves and people having fun. With this chair, I have the option to lay back a little, or all the way back. The little pillow it has is height adjustable. There's a little cooler in the back where you can put in a few drinks, fruit, a sandwich, or whatever you'd like to keep cool. I even put my sunscreen in there. There's a mesh drink holder on the side and another pouch that can hold your cell, keys, etc. If you're not using it laid back all the way, the leg at the top of the chair can be used to hold your damp towel so it can dry faster. This does have backpack straps so you can carry it to and from your spot, and it's pretty lightweight. I love how convenient my Tommy Bahama Beach Chair is!


How about this swimsuit cover-up? I don't know about you, but I hate having to put on clothes after being all sandy and wet and about to drive back home. On a hot summer day, the traffic here can be quite bad on the way back home. Cover-ups keep me cool and I don't have to fight my shorts to get them up my hot, damp, and sandy legs. Ouch!

This Swimsuit Coverup is lightweight, cutesy, and available in other colors. It has a drawstring closure so it fits most. The lightweight material dries quickly.

Beach Blanket

And for those of you who like to lay down at the beach. This Beach Blanket is extra-large, sandproof, and waterproof. It comes with 6 stakes so you can keep it from folding. How annoying is it when the wind blows your blanket up? Ugh. There are also 4 pockets where they suggest you store some sand to weigh down your blanket so there's added security. I'm seeing there's a coupon for this available right now though I'm not sure how long that will be there. Take advantage of it!

The description says this blanket fits 4 to 7 adult people on it. It's also available in more colors. At the end of your beach day, this blanket folds into a small drawstring pouch that has a carabiner that can clip onto your backpack chair. (Just had to throw that in there. lol)

Please share this page and my blog with your friends and family. And, send me your comments. What would do you take to the beach with you when you go?

Hope you enjoy your summer days filled with family, fun, and laughter.

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