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More Mother's Day Gift Ideas

After making the original list of 100 Mother's Day Gift Ideas, I kept wondering about what other ideas I could give you. And here are a few other ideas for you...

Is she redecorating?

Is your mom in the middle of redecorating the home? I found this page that can help with color combos. On this page, you can look up items that can help match her new colors. After she's gone through all that trouble, you can now add to the home's new look...and put a smile on her face in the process!

Or maybe she's just spring-decorating. This page has a lot of springy pastel-colored decorating ideas. I see many beautiful vases, candle holders, plates, bowls, blankets, tea towels, napkins, etc. And they all come in such nice, soft colors.

I just recently, maybe in the past year, heard about Japandi style. It's a mixture of the peaceful Japanese style mixed with Scandinavian hygge, all minimalistic. (According to Merriam-Webster: Hygge is a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable. It's also often used as an adjective meaning "cozy or comfortable.") This style always looks so comfortable, clean, and cozy to me. Totally hygge!!!

Is she looking for new organizational ideas? There are plenty of ideas here for organizing any room in the house. She'll surely love any of them. They look so nice in the pictures!

Are plants more her thing?

This page has many different plants in all sizes, textures, and colors. The nice thing here is that you can see the care that each plant needs to share the information with her or even for you to pick the best one for her plant area.

There are also various planters and accessories, in case you don't dare pick a plant out yourself. (Tee hee) Us moms can be very particular at times. I get it.

Is she in the eco-friendly process?

Here you can find different eco-friendly ideas for mom and her kitchen. Maybe there's something new she's been wanting to try? Like composting? Or maybe she needs a new on-the-go coffee cup?

Try surprising her with one of these ideas to show your support for her new endeavor.

Or maybe she just wants some new clothes?

Look here for some new outfits for mom. There are many items here to help you pick out something great for your mom to show off.

Better yet, buy her a new outfit and take her out so she can happily wear and show off your gift. Just here trying to help!

Most of all, no matter what the gift is, just enjoy your mom. We don't have them here forever. And for those of you who are already moms...Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope I've helped you pick out some goodies for mommy. In the meantime, happy shopping!

Links found on this page:

100 Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

Color Story Page:

Soft, Spring Palette:

Plants & Accessories:

Japandi Style:

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