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Facial home.

Updated: May 8, 2022

Got me a few new goodies that I was able to use on my face and give myself an at-home facial.

Welcome back! I recently got these three facial items from Amazon that I really wanted to try. At the top right, is a skin spatula. At the top left, are cooling facial globes. On the bottom, is a heated eyelash curler. I have to admit that I'm quite happy with all three.

Spa Sciences LELA Skin Spatula for all skin types (Rechargeable) 1. Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing 2. Positive Ion+ Technology (Extraction) 3. Negative Ion- Technology (Serum Infusion) 4. Lifting EMS Technology

My skin feels great! I used this both in and out of the shower. Out of both, I enjoyed using it in the shower the most. I guess the extra water from the shower helped the spatula work better. I love that its rechargeable!

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing

I had to get used to using this because at first, it did feel like I was scraping my face. You can use whatever amount of pressure you feel comfortable with. It wasn't painful, at all, but I did feel some kind of scraping. Yet, after using this, my face did feel cleaner, smoother, and silkier.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos to get a better understanding of how to use this. The tips I got from there were to: Use it at a 45-degree angle and pointed down while washing your face. So, I wet my face, scrubbed some facial soap on my face with my hands, and used this device at a 45-degree angle scraping towards the hairline to clean.

Ion+ Technology

This is the setting that extracts the dirt and blemishes from your skin. They say to make sure you are keeping your face moist throughout this part. For this setting, you also keep the device at a 45-degree angle, pointed down. At one point, I turned it off and just used the edge of the spatula to work the area around my nose since that's where most of my blemishes are.

Ion- Technology

For this setting, I used my Vitamin E Oil, which is my current facial oil. The spatula helps your serum/oil infuse the skin for maximum benefit. This time, you have to flip the spatula and use the flat side on your face. I enjoyed the warmth of the spatula on my skin with the oil. Felt heavenly!

Lifting EMS Technology

This one lifts and tightens your skin. Use this in the same position as the last one, flat side on your skin. I did notice my minor wrinkles relax a little but it didn't feel any different.

Pros: Rechargeable; Blemish/Blackhead removal; Super clean face; Smooth skin; Elasticity (from step 3).

Cons: I didn't really find any cons, personally. But from looking through the reviews, some people didn't notice any difference in their skin. (It's possible that the product you use (serum/oil) with this spatula might make the difference.) One person mentioned not liking the sound you hear from the vibrations coming off the spatula. I noticed the sound, but it didn't bother me at all.

At the end of it all, I did enjoy using the skin spatula and look forward to using it as part of my skincare routine. It is not recommended to use all functions on a daily basis as it could irritate your skin, but I did see that you can use the last setting more often. Make sure to keep it clean in between settings and before putting it away. They said washing it with soap and water is enough maintenance. Another option offered is to use a watered-down mixture with vinegar or alcohol, but it isn't necessary as long as you constantly keep it clean and dry before storing it.

Love them! I used these right after using the skin spatula since I figured the coolness would help tighten my skin and close my pores. It felt so nice! I put them in the freezer right before starting my skincare routine and they were chilled enough to feel nice and cool on my skin. And they're so pretty too! According to the company, for a youth-enhancing massage, you should massage upwards to lift and tighten, and to de-stress, you should massage downwards to reduce puffiness and drain toxins. I used these from the fridge but you can also use them warm. To use warm, you're instructed to place them in a bowl with warm water (up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit). Always remove the silicone handles, whether you're chilling or warming them. Put them on after so you can have a nice grip on the globes while using them.

You can also use these to massage. In reading the instructions, I see that they recommend massaging your neck and shoulders with cooled globes to help release tension.

Pros: Reduces undereye puffiness; Increases collagen production; Enhances blood flow; Tightens and smooths fine lines; Helps relieve headaches and tension.

Cons: The truth is that I couldn't find any cons in using these. That led me to take a look at the online reviews and the closest thing I could find is that if you put frozen globes on your skin, it can possibly damage skin cells if you leave them on your face for too long in one spot. However, these particular globes are made with a special glass and they don't freeze. Looks like this one's a winner!

I got these in the hopes of having a slightly similar effect as when I had a lash lift done. I know the effects will not be the same but curiosity got the best of me. And I love the fact that it's rechargeable. This has three heat settings starting from low to high. It heats up very quickly and has an auto-shutoff after 5 minutes of no use. It has two sides, one longer and one shorter. The shorter side is for those tiny lashes in the inner eye area.

Pros: It takes a while but you can get it to curl your eyelashes. The different heat settings are good so you can work with whichever one you're comfortable with.

Cons: Most people can't get it to curl their lashes. I'd say it's worth a try. If it works, it's great. But, since everyone's lashes are different, you will have to try it to see if it will work on your own lashes.

All in all, I'm happy with my products and I would recommend them.

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