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The kitchen is the heart of the home

The kitchen is where we nourish and nurture our families; where we pour our hearts and love into the meals that feed our families.

What better way to show our family how much we love them? For me, personally, that's the best! I happen to love cooking for my family, especially when I'm catering to one of their cravings or even my own.

The way things were...

Hearing stories about the way things were done before is the best for me. I believe there's a lot to be learned from our ancestors, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Food and home were handled very differently, in a more organic manner. Food was fresher and healthier just because they were grown at home. There was no middleman between farm and table.

It's always said that food cooked at home is healthier because you get to choose your ingredients. And, this doesn't have to mean that it has to be expensive. You use what you can use. It's better to use canned vegetables than no vegetables.

One of the things I would like to get into is canning. This is such a great practice! You can store your food in a much healthier version of canned food. If you can and have access to doing this, that's great! I grew up on canned foods and still keep some in my home because it's convenient and accessible. But as I always say about everything...

"It's all about balance."

Everything in life is about balance. The great food balanced with McDonald's on that one day that you're running from picking up the kids at the sitter's to your home and realize you never brought anything down for dinner and there aren't enough leftovers to make do. I've been there and done that. It's all ok.

It's a money-saver...

Organic food does tend to be more expensive and might be inaccessible to some for that reason. But, you get what you can. I happen to love frozen veggies to use in my cooking. It's my preference for canned though I happen to love canned corn. When it comes to beans, I buy the dried version and soften them up. At that point, I split them into two portions, one for cooking and the rest for storing in my freezer. I cook the portion I'm using that day. The rest, I bring out as needed. This way the food my family eats contains fewer preservatives.

And let's face it! In this day and age, food in supermarkets is priced sky-high but the restaurants are charging much more as well. Pre-cooking meals is another option to save money and time during the workweek. You can also take a look at grocery delivery services to find good deals.

You can see some of the recipes that I use and my family has loved under the recipes tab.

And then you have home delivery meal subscriptions

There's balance in these as well, I guess? I've never subscribed to any of them so I have no personal experience with any of them. I do know that there are different varieties, that some are healthier than others, some may be tastier than others, etc. Have you tried any? Are there any that you'd recommend? Please feel free to share your experiences with us.

At the end of it all

We gather together for family meals. Families may bicker, argue, hold conversations, get advice, or even get scolded. Yet, at the end of it all, it's in the name of family.

And in the spirit of the way things were, here's a link where you can do trade-ins. Less waste makes our planet happy.

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