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The comfort of candlelights and scents...

Updated: May 8, 2022

Who doesn't like the soft glow of candlelight? Candles are used in romantic settings or emergencies, like when the lights go out. They're so versatile!

At one point in my life, I even sold candles as a side hustle. I distinctly remember my son telling people that his mom was a "candle lady." Haha! I still have some of those candles and holders laying around in my house.

I'm always on the lookout for some good candles. Now, even more so, I look for natural candles. Lately, I've been looking for and using beeswax candles with no scent. They say no scent, but they actually have their own natural, mild, honey-like smell. This doesn't interfere with anything, doesn't make my allergies act up, nor do they interfere with my delicious cooking smells. I've recently discovered these beeswax tealight candles that come with a reusable steel candle holder and a reusable cotton gift bag to hold the extra candles. I'm really enjoying their soft scent. As soon as I'm done with these, I'm ready to reorder since I'm enjoying them so much. I love that reusable container. Their candles fit them very well and I'm finding they burn all the way through. And, if there's any minor amount of beeswax left in the container, I just leave it. Once the next candle is burning, that bit of wax will surely burn right along with the new wax.

If I was reading this blog and looking through these pictures, I know I'd want to know about that candleholder in the picture. Lol! That is one of my absolute favorites!!! It's made out of soapstone, and I just love seeing the candle glow from it. Unfortunately, it's no longer available on Amazon. I'm not sure if it will be, but I'll share the link anyway, in case it does become available again, or at the very least you can get more information about it. It is a White Soapstone Essential Oil Diffuser/Tealight Burner with a detachable glass bowl where you can diffuse your essential oils or wax melts.

As usual, I try to keep toxins out of my home as much as possible. Scented candles are great, but I've diverted my scents to come from an essential oil diffuser rather than my candles. And I love this! This way I can change my scents without storing boxes and boxes of various candles. For example, this way I can use eucalyptus oil whenever I feel stuffy. There are even various mixes out there that you buy or put together yourself to help with allergies, headaches, etc. I'm not saying that these things can heal, but they do help you get through it all with a little less discomfort.

I even use essential oils in my car with a wooden essential oil diffuser I placed on my vents. You can open it up and pour some oil onto the lava beads inside, which retain the oil for longer. I'm on the run a lot, or at times just plain lazy, so I pour a few drops of oil onto the wooden surface and keep going. One day, while doing Lyft, I picked up a passenger, and the minutes she got in my car she commented on how good it smelled in there! I asked if it was my coffee. She said, "No. That's not it." I said, "Oh! It must be the eucalyptus oil you're smelling." She said, "Yes. That's it. You don't know how many cars I go in and they smell bad." So, there's a tip for you cab drivers out there. This is something you might want to get for yourself. Your passengers will not only appreciate it, but it helps with tips as well.

By the way, for those of you who are mosquito attractors...

I use Citronella essential oil in my diffuser on those nights where one mosquito has made its way into my bedroom and I can't find it. The oil in my diffuser bothers it enough so that the mosquito has no interest in me. We can share the room but you must stop nibbling!!! I just put one drop in my diffuser along with a few more drops of lavender oil to help keep me relaxed so I can sleep and I'm good for the night. Down below, I will share other oils that I've used as well.

Links found o this page:hat I enjoy candlelights and scents. What do you use? Please feel free to share! onMaybe it's something I or others can add to their homes (and cars!) as well.

Links found on this page:

Beeswax tealights:

White Soapstone Essential Oil Diffuser/Tealight Burner:

Essential Oil Diffuser for the home:

Wooden essential oil diffuser for the car:

Some essential oils I've used and enjoyed are:

Citronella Oil:

Sweet Orange Oil:

Eucalyptus Oil:

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