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Holistic? Organic? Natural?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Have you noticed how during the last few years, we've sort of started going back in time in a way? People have started using more natural, wholesome, organic ingredients, etc. Many have even started doing more planting.

Given my apartment living, I haven't been able to fully enjoy that lifestyle. I have done very minor planting and growing. I had a basil plant growing beautifully for a while. Then one day, it died. I was so saddened! My granddaughter used to love going up to it and taking in a good whiff.

Food isn't the only thing that has seen changes. Going back to natural materials is a big thing, such as cotton and linen. Plastics in some homes have been reduced significantly with glass, silicone, wood, and woven materials.

One of the things that I don't have readily available in my area is composting. Our city has a program, but it hasn't reached this section just yet. There are other ways of composting and taking the material to farms or gardens where they can compost and use it.

Bins like this one are available for saving your scraps until you're ready to take them to your favorite source for composting. You can use compost-friendly bags in the bin to make it easy to transport your scraps when full.

Even our skincare has its holistic, healing, natural, and organic corner.

This lotion is available in Amazon Aware, for example. Not only does it come in an aluminum bottle, but it's refillable. There is a reusable pump version also available.

With changes, we always have much to learn. One of the things I've been made aware of is called "greenwashing." It's when a company claims their products are environmentally safe but they really aren't. One example is when a company states they are using natural materials for their products, like cotton, but the way they source their cotton is not environmentally friendly. This is why it pays to do your homework. Let's face it. Nothing is perfect, but as they say, any little bit helps.

I was very happy to see that Amazon now has a section called Amazon Aware. This section caters specifically to products caring for our carbon footprint. You can see the Amazon Aware page and all their available products at this link:

It makes me happy to see companies become more aware of our environment and its care.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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